Reading people

The energies here are pretty laid back, everyone respects one another, I am thankful that people appreciate that I am here, and that this examination is for the greater good of humanity. 

I will be making it a priority to lead by example because I have really uncontrollable tendencies,  most for the greater good. 

The most relaxing part of this is that no one wants to go where I’ve been. They seem to lack that segment of the brain. Which  an important attribute to human nature.

The expectancy of life here can be eternal with the right minds thinking alike.


No Occasion

I paid homage to your memory today,

no occasion…

I thought of your smile, to which angels aspire,

heard your voice, that music equally mimics.

Felt the smooth of your hands, rough as labor, soft as pearls.

I imagined your mouth, which mine emulates,

I fan a sweet kiss, and intoxicate time.

It travels through oblivion for transport,

carrying soft petals filled with my tears.

I lingered in the soft light of your eyes,

which summon emotion, and evoke love which rivals.

As I pondered your beauty (An ode to art),

I gave grace to heaven from the wings of my heart,

as I soared in the midst of the cloud’s envious eye.

Like breath consents effort (No occasion, at will)

So does love need not reason, to impel all your worth.

Inaugurating Hearts

Soft whispers heard in the distance.

Are the murmurs of angels rehearsing our wedding?

Your enchantment with my very own?

An inaugural of hearts, celebrate the first glance.

When half smiles are brushed to a stir,

Gardenias meet where our beauty reigns.

In awe, the consent to agree with the air we breathe

While envying hues reminisce of this.

Adorned in simplicity, is natures masterpiece.

As a rush of excitement has painted a dream.

Palpitations in sync flourish this course.

Creating a path tailored to stroll,

for a magical, indefinite, interval of time.

If I could

If I could hold you forever,

Until the stars fall from the sky… I would.

If I could be with you for eternity,

and hold onto dreams that would never die… I would.

If I could fall asleep with you every night,

While counting angels that watch over our lives…I would.

We’d runaway inside ourselves to a place for you and I,

Drown inside an ocean so deep…choking on feelings of ecstasy.

If I could…

If I could linger on moments with you,

The sweetest times of our lives… I would.

If I could feel your soft lips on mine,

Bodies entwined, nestled against your neck as I sigh… I would.

I’d run away with you while the world sleeps,

Let you take me places I’ve never ever dreamed.

Oh, If I could…

I’d feel this way forever until the stars fall from the sky…

Trust when I say this, I would love you til the day that I die.



Do I stand alone in this place?

Or, is there somebody awaiting my next move?

Do I dare to move?

Do i dare to speak out?

With a clear mind and racing heart, I’m ready. Speak clear! I’ve weak ears to the sound of my heart.Say to me what’s hindered you from the light. I promise I won’t contort your truths.

I can feel you. The easy winds of the words you faintly utter.

My lips part to reassure, but held back by your eyes. Yes, I’m here. Lay burdens upon my cheeks as I hold you close. Reach out to me. I beg, for the sake of our survival. All we have is each other. Love, Why can’t you profess your truths? The scars beneath the tips of my fingers burn aflame with discontent.

Each scar labels a name, each welt, holds a message from each tear shed. I clutch to you tightly, my minds all a rush. The pain that you feel seeps through my bones. Uncertain of my fear of the pain, or the bitter truths your lies press against my flesh.

and all at once… You’re gone.

All that’s left are my arms wrapped around me like a rope. A face I’d not seen but felt for myself. This passing moment all too frozen. Awaiting for you to return once again.


Dear Friendship

Dear Friendship,

We’ve traveled a long road together, finding solace in the festivities pursued. Broke bread over food and good laughs. Tea time being the very essence of our beginnings. I’ve confided in you once upon a time, and time again. Trusted you with the very core of my being. Friendship, you’ve never forsaken me, even in moments of tears which flowed in rivers along the trodden road of adversity. You’ve held me at night, during the dark hours that preceded me like a shadow of old memories past. We cross paths each and every single day, and in my heart I know for certain, your love will never go astray.

This world is filled with the bitterness of our history, from the depths of our spirits to the layer of skin, I feel them staring with green eyes, wondering why I sit away from the crowds of unfamiliar faces ,voices talking loud. The misconceptions beckoning my ear like a repeated song of broken fears. Yet, friendship, you kept me strong all these years…How do you do it? How has your love always been near? I’ve been across the states and yet you keep a close grip to the rope I’ve unraveled. We’ve sang songs in the car , resonating with each verse by the hour.

You have made the darkness fade away in times I never even noticed. Covered my heart in armor to shield me from the demons that float along the surfaces of this earth, yearning to take away the light within. God, how can I begin to thank you for the way you present yourself to me, with open arms and a warm embrace.  They’ll call us crazy for a love like this, but who cares anymore? I know that your loyal truth and love is what I most adore.

Friendship, do you remember when I felt like I lost myself? I cried and cried for hours, sinking deep into an abyss only you could save me from. Though singular in such pain, I knew I could count on you to wipe the tears from my face. Reassure me that this was only a step forward through time and space. I too remember you dear friend. I am happy to know that I’ll have you here until the last breath. I hope we take in the moment together among a clear lit sky of stars, picking out the perfect place to reunite again in the sky.